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Lake Hopatcong:
Andy Rajeckas,


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Hi, I’m Dr. Andy Rajeckas. Thanks for visiting the site.

I use chiropractic care to bring health and wellness to all areas of your life, whether you are in pain or just want to feel better overall.

I do this by taking a “whole person” approach to your chiropractic care. This means I don’t just treat symptoms, but also look for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain.

Because seemingly unrelated symptoms are caused by imbalances in the spinal column, I can find the root of your pain with chiropractic techniques. From this starting point, we can develop a personalized chiropractic wellness plan to suit your individual needs.

I’ve helped thousands of pain sufferers over the decades. If you’re in pain, I can help you too.

–Dr. Andy