What Dr. Andy’s
patients are

Mike M

My situation was this: I had chronic headaches (that would often turn into migraines) nearly every day for about 2 years. I tried acupuncture, botox, allergy testing, a nutritionist, and a variety of drugs… all with minimal relief. I even tried a different chiropractor about a year before I came here. Dr. Rajeckas quickly diagnosed me with cervicogenic headaches – my first actual diagnosis.

After about 3-4 weeks of adjustments my pain subsided. Absolute miracle.

Again, I dealt with almost daily headaches for 2 years and 3 weeks after coming here I was essentially cured. In the 5 months since I’ve had maybe 2-3 total headaches. So, most importantly the results have been tremendous. On top of that Dr. Rajeckas and his staff just happen to be some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It’s a laid-back friendly environment.

Highly recommend though selfishly also kind of want to keep this place a secret so we don’t start getting wait times (right now it’s usually not more than 5-10 minutes).


I am a 75 year old woman who has been suffering from COPD (chronic obstruction pulmonary disease, (emphysema) for a number of years. I frequently have difficulty breathing, especially in hot, humid or cold weather. I also had trouble in walking because of pain radiating down my left leg. About six years ago, I could take it no longer, so I decided to try chiropractic care. I was referred by a friend to see Dr. Rajeckas who examined me and took x-rays of the low back. He discovered that my spine was significantly out of alignment causing stress on my nerves and joints. I already knew that I had osteoporosis and I was concerned about the safety of having my spine worked on. Dr Rajeckas calmed my fears by using a gentle chiropractic technique that was safe for people with osteoporosis and we began regular care. My leg pain disappeared and I was able to walk better that I have in years. As my chiropractic care progressed, I noticed that even my breathing improved and I just felt better in general.

Now I maintain a schedule of regular wellness care every 3 weeks or so…and I can honestly say that chiropractic care is a very important part of my healthcare. I’m so glad I tried chiropractic.


I had the pleasure of receiving care under Dr Rajeckas from approximately October, 2003 until March, 2004. The techniques he used contributed significantly to the improvement of my condition. When other methods failed, the relief he provided me through chiropractic care allowed me more mobility and function than I have had in the last 8 years. I appreciate your care and concern and am unfortunate to have had to leave your care due to an overseas move.


A few years ago, I was suffering with TMJ syndrome, a condition that causes pain and restricted movement in the jaw. This condition made it painful to talk or eat, and I had difficulty sleeping. It was necessary to take over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen every day. I was being treated by a dentist and also receiving physical therapy for the condition. After several months, I decided to add chiropractic care. Only after I started going to Dr. Rajeckas for adjustments of the upper back and neck did I start to feel relief from the pain and to gain the ability to open the jaw normally. I am thankful for chiropractic care because it relieved the pain that I had suffered with for a year or more. It has now been about five years, and that condition has never returned.

Georgina Triggiano

I have been a patient of Dr. Andy Rajeckas for the past 10 years. His talented hands have seen me through migraine headaches, stomach disorders and, recently, breast cancer. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer the first doctor I saw was Dr. Rajeckas. He counseled me throughout my treatments for cancer.

While I followed the road of traditional medicine, Dr. Rajeckas made recommendations that helped me avoid some of the side affects of chemo therapy and radiation. I maintained my regular adjustments during my treatment and that helped me both physically and mentally. I would recommend Dr Rajeckas to anyone. He is highly competent, caring physician and dedicated to his practice and patients. We need more doctors in this world like Dr. Rajeckas.

Nancy S. Dammann

As my ability to walk became less and less, I began to fear that I would end up in a wheelchair. I walked very slowly and painfully and could not lift my right foot high enough to keep it from dragging on the ground.

I had seen an orthopedic surgeon who took x-rays and told me that I had a collapsed vertebra in my lower back. I had made an appointment to have an MRI and talk about the possibility of surgery. Several people had told me that back surgery is painful and often doesn’t really help. Some friends of ours, Carol & Bob Murphy, told us about how Bob had been confined to bed with a back injury and how chiropractic care has helped him to walk and to maintain his injury.

Within 3 visits to Dr Rajeckas, I was walking faster and had less pain. Within nine visits, I was walking normally and without any pain. I have several disintegrated discs in my back; and since receiving chiropractic care when I get out of bed in the morning I no longer feel as though a knife were sticking out of the back of my neck. What a relief! Also, after an injury to my right arm, I could not bend or use my right thumb. After care I can bend and use it normally.

The only regret that I have about chiropractic care is that I didn’t start sooner.

Kevin Moriarty

When I met my wife she was always going to doctors for some type of illness from the common cold to eczema. All they would do was give her medication for the problem, and it always came back.

I have been going to a chiropractor since I was about four years old. After we had gotten married and moved into our house, I injured my back and was in great pain. I went to Dr. Rajeckas and after one visit I improved to the point where I could function. My wife saw that I had improved dramatically after just one visit and she wanted to see for herself and came with me on my next visit. She soon became a chiropractic patient and her illnesses and eczema dramatically reduced and much less medication was needed.

P. O’Connell

In June 2003, 1 was diagnosed with multilevel degenerative disc disease. Having already been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a herniated disc in my cervical spine, I was in a lot of pain most of the time. My rheumatologist suggested chiropractic care might help relieve some of the pain I was experiencing in my back and neck. This was when I started seeing Dr. Rajeckas twice a week.

From the moment I called to make an appointment~ I knew this was no ordinary chiropractic office. I was asked if it was an emergency, if so, he would see me the same day.

I knew Dr. Rajeckas would be able to lessen the pain in my spinal column but what surprised me the most is how much he helped with the muscle pain from my Fibromyalgia. He has a very unique gift of being able to not only relieve the body of pain but with his genuine “happy to be alive attitude”; he helps to relieve the mind and spirit of pain.

Through very gentle adjusting, manual traction, blocking, always asking questions and most importantly, listening and suggesting ways to help reduce my pain; Dr. Rajeckas has taught me how to become more in tune with my whole body and less stressed with my illness. In turn, I now sleep through the night more often, I am able to exercise, and I am not as fatigued and most importantly feel like a functioning human being for the first time in years.

John Cilmi

I have been to many chiropractors over the years. All of them have been valuable to me and my family. However, Andy Rajeckas stands out as the most talented and caring health practitioner I have ever had the privilege to meet. He has been an important part of my health care for about a decade now. I consider him to be my good friend. Thank you Andy for who you are.


I am a 40 year old female. Prior to October of 2002, I had been getting severe migraines for the past nine years. The headaches were so severe I could not drive or work. Smells, light, and ANY noise were unbearable. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 10+. It was pretty sad when my spouse and my children found me asleep at the toilet bowl or my son sat at the edge of my bed with cool wet wash clothes and a vomit bowl.

I was being treated by my General Physician for approximately five years and by a Neurologist for two year for these migraines. In one month I was getting up to 15 migraines or more. After numerous different medications, weight gain, and a year of depression, I was talked into seeing a Chiropractor by my family and friends. On October 7, 2002 I started visits with Dr. Rajeckas. Not really believing, at this point, that anything would help.

It is now August of 2003, I have stopped all medications since December 2002, lost 35 lbs, and visit Dr Rajeckas every two weeks. I now get, maybe, one migraine a month and on a scale of 1 to 10; the pain is maybe a three.

If any one I know suffers from migraines, I now tell them to visit a Chiropractor. It is the best feeling to be able to plan a vacation, spend time with family and friends, or go to work and not worry if I will get a migraine and waste days of my life in pain and in bed.

Thank you Dr Rajeckas. I believe you have really helped me and my family.

WJDavis, JD, MBA Sparta

I want to share my chiropractic success story. I experienced chronic neck discomfort and pain for over 20 years. My first visit to a chiropractor was a disappointment. The chiropractor thought he could help but insisted on diagnostic x-rays. I did not want to be x-rayed.

My second visit to a chiropractor was a blessing. X-rays were not required. My very first adjustment alleviated my neck pain and discomfort, resulting in a feeling of enhanced well-being. That night I dreamed about the time I accidentally slammed my head into a telephone pole playing football as a teenager. My neck probably had been misaligned since that collision.

When we moved to Sparta, our family found Dr. Rajeckas. I visit frequently, especially when I know I need an adjustment, and always leave feeling better. Even physicians I know believe in the benefits of chiropractic. While specific ailments may not respond, many will. If you haven’t visited a chiropractor, try Dr. Rajeckas. His holistic approach does not require x-rays. You may have enhanced well-being to gain, and pain and discomfort to lose.

Shanna D. Peters

After having suffered from whiplash a second time, I found myself experiencing severe chronic neck pain. This pain affected every aspect of my life, hindering my performance at work, limiting most of my recreational pursuits, and preventing me from getting adequate rest at night. In short, pain had severely impacted my quality of life.

Over the past several years, I had been treated by other doctors, but unfortunately, all of their treatments provided little, if any, relief. In addition, many of the medications that I was prescribed only seemed to mask the underlying problem and often had adverse side effects.

Upon visiting Dr. Rajeckas’ booth at our town festival last July, I was reluctant to see yet another doctor, as all previous physicians and treatments had failed to reduce my suffering. Within minutes with Dr. Rajeckas, however, I got a feeling that this experience would be different. With his friendly and professional demeanor, I felt quite at ease right from the beginning.

After only a few months of treatment, most of the pain and stiffness I had experienced has significantly decreased. In addition, I am now able to sleep soundly and wake without pain and stiffness. I also can now work a full day with no pain, and still have energy when I get home. Most importantly, however, is that I was also able to discontinue several medications.

For all of this, I am eternally grateful to Dr. Rajeckas. The staff’s warm smiles, helpful suggestions, and the doctor’s non-invasive therapy have made my neck feel better and the whole “chore” of keeping appointments very pleasant. I sincerely thank you, Dr. Rajeckas, for your wonderful treatment, and I will certainly suggest to all of my friends that they seek sound Chiropractic care at your clinic.

Mary Ann Esposito

I can’t say enough about Dr. Andy Rajeckas. I was in so much pain, suffering from sciatica that I could hardly walk. I called Dr. “Andy” and without hesitation, he saw me right away. It took about four adjustments the first week and I could finally walk without the pain. I’m continuing with my visits to maintain the health of my body. Knowing Dr. “Andy” has helped me to understand that without medication is the way to go!!

I will continue to see Dr. “Andy” to maintain good health for all of my mind and body. If you haven’t tried Chiropractic Care….you don’t know what you are missing…Try it, you’ll love him!

Carol Spitzmiller

Over the years, I have had pain from my back and neck due to stress and over exertion. After one or two adjustments, I was pain free — no pills to cover up the real problem.

I had bursitis in my shoulder for over a year and due to my ignorance did not mention it to Dr Rajeckas causing me to suffer terribly for that time. After a few adjustments, I was again pain free. I bad undergone painful shots of cortisone in the shoulder with no relief

Sinus has always been a problem as well as migraine headaches. Again, one adjustment and I am free of pain.

From time to time, I have also had pain in my hip, wrist and knee and am pain free after an adjustment or two. On rare occasions, I did have to have a few adjustments to correct a problem which sometimes was caused by my not getting an adjustment when the problem first occurred.

I am fortunate that I have generally good health, but I am ever so grateful that I am able to go to you, my chiropractor and get needed relief from pain without drugging myself up with pills and not getting rid of the problem.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

John V. Palko Jr. Oak Ridge, NJ

Approximately five years ago I suffered from severe pain in my shoulder and neck area, brought on by a lifestyle of physical activity. After being extensively tested by numerous specialists, the consensus of opinions was that I was suffering from stress and needed to take a few weeks off from work to relax my body.

Unsatisfied with this diagnosis I sought the help of Dr. Andrew Rajeckas of the Route 15 Chiropractic Center. Dr. Rajeckas’s adjustments immediately relieved my pain and eased the tension in my neck. Unfortunately the pain would usually return the next~ day. Doggedly, Dr. Rajeckas continued to research my problem until he determined that my problem might be caused by the way I was sleeping. A new pillow and regular adjustments have left me virtually pain free for the past five years.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Rajeckas for taking the time to fully research my condition and to put me on the path to better health. He’s the best!

Al Chibookian

Being a Police Officer for over eighteen (18) years has been an excellent career and has many advantages. However, one of the disadvantages is the back strain that goes with my profession. The vest, gun belt, long shifts, standing and sitting for extended periods, lifting and carrying the stretcher for injured people, all cause havoc on my neck and back.

Finally, I could not take the pain anymore. I saw an advertisement for a free exam in the local newspaper. Dr. Andy Rajeckas was having a specia1 for a great price. I thought to myself, why not, it’s only $35-00 for x-ray and a physical. Once I met Dr. Andy and he did all the tests and took some x-rays, he found out that my career was beating me up shall we say. One leg was shorter than the other due my hips being out of alignment. Gee, I wonder if my 6 plus pound gun belt was the culprit. My lower spine was not curved enough, because my hips were not square, and my neck was not straight. I was a crooked cop so to speak, in a physical kind of way. I began treatment with Dr. Andy three times a week, for a few months and graduated to two times a week, and then one time a week. Soon I was seeing him only once in a while.

That once in a while translates to once every 6 or 8 weeks depending on how I feel. I have been a patient of Dr. Andy’s for over 8 years now. You are probably thinking to yourself, 8 years is long time to be seeing a Chiropractor. How come he has not cured you yet? My answer is simple – because I am not dead. Life is changing every second of every day. Sometimes you wake up feeling great and sometimes you feel like a truck hit you. Whether it’s a car accident, or shoveling snow, or sleeping wrong, the list goes on and on. Life causes stress – plain and simple. Stress causes your back or neck to become misaligned, and that is when I go to see Dr. Andy. He aligns my life.

My two sons see Dr. Andy also. My oldest was only hours old when Andy came to the hospital and adjusted his little neck. My other was about 6 weeks old when he had his first adjustment. As my son tells Dr. Andy: “Dr. Andy you crack me up.” I know he means that a good way. Dr. Andy will always be a part of my life. Thank you Dr. Andy. You are the best!